Sunday, May 17, 2009


I recently came across Animoto...I thought Cooliris was amazing, Animoto blew me away!

The Concept: Upload pictures (your computer, facebook, flickr...) and Animoto will organize, add effects, music and professional effects to turn your photos into a "movie-like" presentation. Words don't do it justice. Create a free account and create one to get hooked.

Cool Features: Embedding & Free music to choose from.

Classroom Applications:

1. Introduction to a new unit to expose the class to the crucial people, places or events that they will cover in the upcoming unit.

2. Review - After a weekend away, on a sleepy Monday morning, jumpstart your class with an upbeat presentation of ideas that they have already covered as a way to get class going again.

3. Student created projects - Because the free account limits presentations to 30 seconds, students will have to choose carefully when creating a project (they could also create multiple 30 second projects if needed)

Here is a sample Animoto (only 30 seconds allowed on the free account)

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