Sunday, May 3, 2009

Hello again...I'm very excited about using this web video hosting application for the end of the year. As an alternative to youtube (aka an unblocked website at my school) I can created videos that are hosted within my "channel" on . Blip is free to use, will upload nearly any video format and has the ability to cross distribute your video to many different websites, including itunes if a quicktime version of the video is uploaded. Imagine telling your students to go to itunes to watch a homework assignment!

Once the video is created (I use a flip video camera) they can easily be edited on the somewhat limited flip program or windows movie maker.

The implications for this application in the classroom, here are my thoughts.

1. Record & post a quick (5 minute) review each day to post to blip or embed in a classroom blog.
2. Assign a student or group of students to record parts of class (most likely when I am lecturing or providing information) that can be edited and posted daily or weekly.

3. Create a "review session" for each unit that students can view to assist in preparing for a test.

4. Post videos as an extension of class: extra credit, homework, ideas you didn't get to that day but want the students to be exposed to.

5. Attempt, and I do stress attempt, to elimate lecture from the class. Provide all lecture material online, have the students prepare for class using this material and then make the class time more project / activity based.

Here is a very short test video I created in about 5 minutes with some old video files I found on my computer:

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