Sunday, May 17, 2009

Evernote X Animoto


Evernote - store everything you / your students can think of or snap pictures of on their cell phones in one place (your evernote page). I won't go into details about evernote, there is plenty of information out there to read and digest...but here are two potential classroom applications

1. Field Trip - when you create a free evernote account, you are given an email address to send your information (text messages, photos, etc) to. Provide this email address to students when on a field trip and ask them to text photos from the trip to your evernote account. They simply have to enter a new contact (your name or evernote would work) and add the email address to the new contat info. When you log into your evernote account, the pictures will be there for your disposal (use them in an Animoto & embed it in a blog to show off the trip to parents / students)

Here is an Animoto I made today with a group of 10 students on a field trip to the Boston Aquarium. They texted their photos to my evernote email address, I saved the photos in a folder on my computer and then uploaded them to animoto. Piece of Cake!

Here is a remixed version of the first video...swap the pictures or change the music.

2. Student Research - have students create an evernote account & give them a quick tutorial on how to clip and add info. This type of focused research will allow them to quickly gather only the most essential and concise information on any given subject. They will also develop the essential skill of appropriately tagging web content for future retrieving. Not to mention avoiding printing out excess and unnecessary pages of information. Instead it can all be saved, tagged and categorized in one easily accessible evernote account.

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