Thursday, June 4, 2009

www.issuu.comI just came across My impression so far, thoroughly impressed with the quality, display, feel and intuative aspect of the website.

The Overview: Issuu allows you to publish your work online in an extremely smooth and professional viewer (which is also customizable). Documents (word, pdf) can be uploaded.
I typically use scribd to upload pdf files, but often don't have the ability to convert my word docs to pdf before uploading to scribd. Issuu solves that problem by allowing word doc. uploads. The most impressive visual feature of issuu is that when multiple pages are uploaded from one document, when they are viewed online, the pages turn like a book and can be quickly skimmed through to find specific information.

Below are directions I projected for my U.S. History I class about an upcoming debate that were uploaded to issuu.

Classroom Applications: Any assignment that is created on word or scanned as a pdf can be uploaded to issuu. Once uploaded it is provided with a url, can be emailed or embedded in a blog (issuu provides a blogger embed code with every document).

1. Upload and embed assignments that students can access from home.

2. Upload all documents you use: they are now available from any computer you may be teaching from (great for traveling / no classroom teachers)

3. Display student work: Upload a student's work for display or emailing to parents to increase parent/teacher communication.

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