Tuesday, June 23, 2009

In the Clouds

I guess you could say I have been "cloud" computing for about two years...but only heard the term a few months ago. The benefits are too many to get into for this post, and the cloud sites available are numerous. (I use googledocs, issuu & scribd) The purpose of this post is to look at cloud computing from a different perspective.

What if departments, schools, or entire school districts had all of their teachers cloud compute by sharing projects, assignments, tests & lesson plans? In my school district there are two high schools, with over 20 history teachers and we only get to share our ideas and collaborate a few times a year. What if we all contributed our best work to a "history department cloud" that we could all login to, contribute to, collaborate with and take advantage of in the classroom?

I don't know what cloud site to use for this type of application, but I am certain there is one that other school districts must already by using. If you know of one, please drop me an email.

Other concerns:
1. How to go about create a common policy of organizing, labeling or tagging information as to make it easily accessible for all teachers.
2. How to ensure that teachers both contribute to & take advantage of the resources provided by other teachers.

My long term vision is to have the entire history department in my high school using a common cloud...if only to provide a resource to new, younger teachers that they would benefit from greatly...

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