Wednesday, June 3, 2009

TED Talks

I have been a fan of TED Talks for quite some time, and was introduced to Johnny Chung Lee's wiimote whiteboard project and Photosynth from TED Talks...but I have never used it in the classroom. Thanks to here is a brief list of TED Talks that can be used in the history classroom. (I am going to use the Nuclear presentation tomorrow as part of a Cold War Unit.) What I like most about TED Talks is that they usually cross disciplines, and they are downloadable to itunes. Which means traveling (non-classroom based) teachers can download a talk to an ipod and play the talk straight from their ipod to an LCD projector, no internet access required during class.

American History
Anna Deavere Smith
Four American characters

David Hoffman
Catch Sputnik mania!

Irwin Redlener
How to survive a nuclear attack

World History
Jared Diamond
Why societies collapse

Siegfried Woldhek
The true face of Leonardo Da Vinci?

Samantha Power
Shaking hands with the devil

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