Thursday, August 27, 2009

Cell Phones X Classroom

Just a few ideas to get everyone using cellphones in the classroom this year...

1. Calling Out - Have students work in small groups at the end of a unit to call out during class to find out what people in the "real world" know about the subject they are learning about. Example: U.S. Constitution - Once students finished the unit they were given a worksheet with 20 ideas from the document. They then had to answer the questions as a group and call out to see if they could find anyone who also knew the correct answer.

2. Polleverywhere - create free polls that students can text to for instant feedback.

3. Evernote, Fieldtrips & Animoto - Have students take pictures with their cell phones on a field trip and text message the pictures to your evernote account ( Take these pictures and upload them to animoto to create a great movie of the trip.

4. Evernote & Research - Have students create evernote accounts and while researching they can snap pictures of important passages & send the picture via text to their evernote account. When students login to their account later they can search all of their documents, tag the pictures and easily organize their paper (think the old notecard method minus the notecards...)

5. Google Voice - Create (request) a googlevoice number and have students call the number at night for homework. You can create a custom message that includes the assignment and the students can answer the question orally. All of the messages will be stored in your googlevoice inbox and can then be embedded or downloaded. This would be a great opportunity to model to the class what a great response sounds like.

6. Google Voice for Review - Call your own google voice number and leave a message that is a quick review session for the night before a test or quiz. Once the message is recorded, simply embed it in a class blog and let students know they can listen to your review at night while they are studying.

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