Friday, August 21, 2009

New Google Voice Test

Dave, Thanks for helping me out with my Google Voice Test.

Here is the audio for test #2 & the text below. I might have to rethink using the text in class, but the audio is easily downloadable & embedded.

i mister, cool it. I was checking out your website because I liked it. You could use my source for staying up to date on technology for the classrooms. I am impressed at how wellthe software decoding your voice and put it into text. It was pretty good about really put your name and I'd like to take the call you, mister. Cool about this is justin added test foryou. I'm trying to speak a little bit slowly unclear leads with 2 times if it's Pete up for the End of message intended for a little bit to see if I were maybe a student thing up way toolate at night and just trying to get this done for my mom tells me to set off my like if i'm still could work. We'll see how this goes.

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