Thursday, September 17, 2009

Twitter as Class Discussion

The twitter experiement U.S. History I class engaged in a class discussion today using twitter. 

The prompt for discussion was:
What are the themes from the early Colonial period.  Support your theme(s) with specific examples / events.

Surprising Findings: 
1. I had one computer projecting a twitter search for #mrkulo03 (the hashtag everyone used during discussion).  I guess I didn't realize that the page would have to be constantly refreshed to post the new comments as they rolled in, and they rolled in quickly.  I'll have to bring my laptop nextime and project the results on tweetdeck, where the results automatically pop up without any refreshing. 

2. The students quickly picked up on using the @symbol to direct their comments to other classmates. 

3. I tried using wifitti halfway through the class to project the discussion.  No success, the comments must be blocked from popping up on the screen, oh well.

4. Once the discussion became a bit stagnant I redirected the students to begin writing a blog entry about Early Colonial themes.  I told them to refer back to the discussion to guide their entry.  This change of pace worked well and actually created quite a few new creative comments.  Within their blog entry I asked the students to reflect on the class activity.  When those reflections are posted I will include some of their comments in a new posting.

Colonial Themes via Twitter

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