Monday, September 7, 2009

Twitter Experiment #1

The first weekend of the school year is almost over, and students from my 10th grade U.S. History Honors class are taking part in the first twitter experiment of the year.  Students read about Bacon's Rebellion from the textbook and from ABC-Clio.  They were then given a writing prompt: Who was justified in their actions - Governor Berkeley or Nathaniel Bacon?  Defend your response.

Part I: Students first had to write a blog entry (3 paragraphs) to formulate and defend their view.

Part II: Students then had to post at least 2 comments on twitter using #mrkulo.  Students were also instructed to use the @ feature to respond to a specific student.

I have been monitoring the discussion throughout the weekend, and it being the first assignment of its type, the results have been coming in slowly, but steadily.  When I thought the discussion was getting stagnant, I posted an additional question to elicit more responses.

I plan on keeping track of the #tags that are used throughout the year (most likely just adding a digit to the end of #mrkulo) for each discussion.  At the end of the year or before a unit test students will be provided with the #tag and topic list to review through twitter.

When students arrive to the next class, the discussion will be projected using wifitti and class will begin with a quick review of the topic and the experience of getting involved in a back channel discussion.  Here are the results so far:

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