Monday, October 12, 2009

Annotation Madness!

Masscue is coming up in a few weeks, which means I really need to tighten up my two sessions (wiimote iwb & twitter / tweetdeck).

To bulk up the Wiimote IWB session I have been looking into various screen annotation programs and have come across a few that I like.

1. Jarnal - I like this one the best because the annotations made "stick" to the document and aren't simply a layer on top of the screen.  PDF files can be opened as a new background in Jarnal (or picture files), can then be written on and then the notations can be saved for future reference.  If all of your files are stored as word documents they must be converted to PDF in order to be opened up as a background in Jarnal.
Math Application: Open up a new background of graph paper & use a IWB program to graph equations.
Elementary School Application: Open the lined paper background to have students work on handwriting.

2.  ScreenMarker - This is a great option for making notations right onto your desktop, or any other type of document.  The only shortfall is that the notations don't "stick" to a multi page document as it is scrolled through.  However, it is very easy to use with a limited toolbar of options: pen, line, square, circle, eraser.

3. Annotate Pro - Another viable option, but the trial period only lasts 30 days...

4. Virtual Board - Similar to ScreenMarker, but with a number of increased options.  The only downfall, VirtualBoard essentially freezes your computer once the file is opened.  Therefore, you can't navigate from one program to the next with virtualboard running, which is possible when using screenmarker.

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