Monday, October 19, 2009

Triptico Plot IT X Causes of the American Revolution X Wiimote IWB

Being named "The History 2.0 Classroom", I figured I should have some history specific examples of technology goes.

Tripitico offers great interactive web tools, one of my favorites is Triptico Plot It.  I used this tool as a graphic organizer for a paper my U.S. History I Honors class is going to write about the causes of the American Revolution.

As seen in the picture below, along the X axis there is "colonists responsibility" & "British responsibility", along the Y axis is "caused revolution" & "did not cause revolution".  The purpose of using Plot It, is to create class discussion based on more than the factual information, but a higher order discussion based on interpretation, analysis and synthesis of small ideas into bigger ones.

The discussion was active, students debated their points of view and could not often settle on a decision, which is exactly what I was hoping for.  As a graphic organizer, they can now easily and visually identify what topics they will cover in their paper and they have a visual representation of their thesis statement.

This application works best of course with an interactive whiteboard...mine being the wiimote version.

*A list of 30 terms, people, events & ideas were included in the class discussion, which took two days.*

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