Monday, February 1, 2010


I have always wanted to take my U.S. History I Honors students on a field trip to Boston to explore the Freedom Trail. Problem is, I couldn't figure out an interesting way to integrate technology into the trip. I thought about having them make podcasts along the way, or take pictures with their cell phones and text them to one central location, but I just didn't think that was enough...problem solved.  SCVNGR. 

Basic Concept: Take the old fashioned scavenger hunt and make it incredibly more interactive by using a cell phone (text messages), smart phone or iphone app.  Sign up for a pre-made scavenger hunt on the website and recieve your first clue...and hint.  Once you are in the correct location, there will be a challenge that can be answered via a text message.  The correct message will then provide the next clue to your phone, and you are on your way.  There are different types of hunts (groups can follow the same or different paths to vary the experience), and hunts can be easily created by users.  I haven't done a hunt yet, but I plan on doing the Freedom Trail Hunt in Boston on February vacation!

So after a little exploring, I am sold on SCVNGR.  After watching a video with the original founder explaining the concept and their funding plans...I have thought of a few classroom applications (below)

Meet SCVNGR! from DreamIt Ventures on Vimeo.

Classroom Applications:
1. Test Review - teacher created scvngr where the students work in groups to review a chapter or unit of study.  The Clue and hint will point students to a particular part of the text, and the challenge will test their knowledge / ability to find the information in the book.

2. Literary Hunt - similar to the idea above, this would work well for English teachers who want to have students explore a novel in a different way.  The hint provided could test the student's understanding of the story (or how well they placed sticky notes / took notes about the book) and the challenge could be story based (example: Who was "character 1" speaking with when he stated, ".....")

3. Movie SCVNGR - While students are watching a film / documentary in class, they can play a hunt based on the storyline.  The teacher could make a hunt ahead of time and the clues & challenges could be based on the film.  (I might have to try this one as well!)

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  1. I did a "literary hunt" of sorts last week with my class. It was only a one page text, but the activity was an awesome way to get the students engaged in the text. I also used the challenges which just made the activity that much more interesting. It is definitely a tool to keep handy.