Thursday, July 7, 2011

Polleverywhere X Presenting Polls

Polleverywhere made a nifty little update a few weeks back that allows students or an audience to auto follow any poll that you pull up from your account.  Instead of having students or your audience go to or and enter their vote (typically numbers) into an empty text box...

old version by visiting

Now, anyone with a Polleverywhere account has a specific URL that your students or audience can visit on their laptop or handheld smart device (iPad, iPhone, iPodtouch).  Instead of seeing an empty box to enter number to vote on a poll, they will automatically be directed to the poll that you have pulled up on your Polleverywhere account.
Instead of an empty box, they will see the response choices you have made available and they can simply click on their choice...

New view by visiting unique user URL with clickable response choices
To create your own unique Polleverywhere URL, first create a free Polleverywhere account and then visit this page from the Polleverywhere blog to reserve your unique URL.

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