Saturday, December 17, 2011

Issuu X Hamlet = Online Graphic Novel

This week I had the opportunity to work with a 12th grade English class at my school that has been working on a collaborative graphic novel of Hamlet.

There is one student in the class that has taken the drafts, notes and rough ideas being submitted by the class and has turned them into eight panel versions of each act.

The teacher was interested in publishing their work online. Based on the resources available, HP laptops and a scanner, I settled on using Issuu to publish their book.

The Process: I wanted to help the small group of student editors and help them develop some new skills and abilities, not create the book for them.  Three students in the class (the artist & two editors) joined me in the computer lab to begin the process.

Step 1: Students learned how to scan & organize and save the original drawings.  We settled on scanning the original drawings as PDF documents.

Step 2: Students learned how to use the Windows 7 Snippet tool to break the original drawings up into a new structure that would help organize and tell the story.  Here are a few examples of their snippet choices.

Step 3: The students started the process of creating the graphic novel by editing in Word.  They would take the snippet images and organize them according to their choices on image placement and size.  It was fascinating to see them discuss which images should be enlarged to have their own page, which images should be grouped together and which ones should be resized for emphasis.

In just one class period, with no prior experience, the small group of three scanned, snipped, organized, saved the originals and began the editing process.

Progress: The students then took the early rough cut of their Word document and saved it as a PDF. We then uploaded the PDF to Issuu.

Note: This is a very rough draft, flip past the first page

Word vs PPT: It quickly became apparent that resizing and managing text and images in Word is not the most user friendly process.  As an alternative, I had the students recreate their work using PowerPoint.  They found it much easier to insert images, include text, rearrange, edit and generally manage the project.  We then did a test export from PowerPoint to PDF and uploaded the PDF to Issuu.  The finished product is slightly different than the Word to PDF version, but I think it actually looks a bit more like a graphic novel, with the slightly slimmer appearance.

Note: I suggest viewing in full screen mode.

Open publication - Free publishing - More kulowiec

Final Edits: When the editing is group is done creating the rough draft and each scene is uploaded, we are going to project the online Issuu version in class and have a group editing day, where the class will collaborate and decide on the final placement and structure of the images, text and page arrangement.  The student editing team will make the needed adjustments and upload the final version.

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  1. The Stanford Graphic Novel Project also used Issuu.