Thursday, January 5, 2012

iPad: eBooks X LibriVox = Free Read Along

While I was playing around with my iPad tonight I came across a cool little trick I thought I should pass along.

If there is a classic book that is in the public domain that you are interested in reading, check out LibriVox to see if there is a free audio version of the book. If the book exists in LibriVox there will likely be a link to a free eBooks version available from Gutenberg as well. Use the link provided to grab the free ePub version of the book.

Head back over to LibriVox, select the chapter of the book you want to listen to and start the audio.

Then, double click on the home button and open up iBooks to access the free ePub version of the book...magic, the recording will continue to play and you can follow along in the text while a lovely voice from LibriVox reads along.

Having missed a few classics along the way, I'll be reading ( and listening ) to Beowulf.

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