Saturday, January 28, 2012

iPads X Calculus X Educreations

This is the thought process I use when considering using technology in a classroom: How can we leverage technology to create an environment where students are able to share, demonstrate their understanding & create something that others can use in the future? With that question grounding my approach I move onto my next question...

What can you do with 3 iPads in a high school calculus class? That was what a colleague of mine and I wanted to figure out before the cart of 30 iPads shows up next week.

The answer, have students create problem solving screencasts during class using the Educreations app. Our thought process was that within one class period, students that were able to solve specific problem types would create a screencast of that process which could be played back within the class period to help students who were not able to solve that same problem.

The process we came up with worked quite well & gave students an opportunity to teach each other within the class period. The structure of the class was as follows:

- The teacher provided the answers to all of the homework questions.

- Students identified which problems they got wrong.

- Students that solved those problems correctly took an iPad into the hallway to create a screencast.

- The app was logged into the teachers account ahead of time, when student's finished & published the screencast it was instantly ready to view by the entire class.

- The teacher then projected the screencasts & played them back for the entire class just moments after they were created by the students.

- Click HERE to view a selection of screencasts created during class.

Screenshot of the screencasts made by students during class

Reflection on the integration & process:

When I return back to my original thought process, I feel confident that the way in which the technology was integrated into this math class was successful because:
A - the students were demonstrating their understanding
B - the students were contributing to each other's learning
C - the content they created is now accesible to all of the students 

Now...what to do when we have 30 iPads in this classroom...

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