Monday, March 12, 2012

How would you grade this?

I've been working with a fantastic art teacher in my building to document the project that her 5 classes are currently creating. The Doodle Project is a 5 class, 5 day project that will result in a 15' X 6' mural that will be on display in main foyer in my building. I've been shooting tons of video throughout the process and made a first cut of the project after the first day. When it was done, I thought I had made a solid video...

 Then I went back to shoot for 2 more days and did another edit of the project.

When I edited the first video, I thought I had created a good product, a piece that I was proud of and would be proud to share with others.  Then I went back and edited the second version with added footage, lessons learned from watching the first edit and ideas for better shots that would create a better finished product.

I wonder how many times in our classrooms we provide our students with the opportunity to examine an assignment that they turn in and provide them the time to learn from their first submission and more importantly time to improve their work.  A more critical question may be, are we assigning or allowing our students to create the types of content that would motivate them to want to return to the original submission to create an improved second product?

Back to the title of the post, How would you grade this? When I published the first video, I thought it was a solid piece.  Then I watched it, considered how it could be improved and went back to work on the second cut.  I learned a great deal shooting additional footage for the second piece and improved the editing a bit.  I am much happier with the second video, from the music, to the progression of the shots to the minor edits.  I wonder what would have happened if I had submitted the first video as a high school student.  How would my teacher grade the work?  If it received a poor grade, would I be given the opportunity grow, continue the process, learn from my mistakes and improve the product?  If it received an A, would that be an accurate assessment? Would I have any desire to improve?

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