Wednesday, March 28, 2012

iPads X Visualize X Explain Everything = Narrated Images

I am working with a great group of marketing students this week and they were charged with the task of creating digital print ads to sell a brand, themselves.  Based on a discussion I had with the marketing teacher we determined that we could have the students use iPads in this class to both create digital version of their traditionally paper print ads and to narrate their digital print ad.

The process was extremely simple:

1. Students brainstorm and complete a rough draft paper based version of the print ad.

2. Students use iPads & Visualize to translate their paper rough draft into a digital version.  We chose this app because of the short learning curve, ease of use and perfect fit with this type of image creation.

3. Students export the image from Visualize to the camera roll and import the image into Explain Everything.  Once in Explain Everything, students can narrate and justify the structure, elements and design of their print ad.

4. Once the narration is complete, the students will upload the video to YouTube and all of the narrated print ads will be compiled in one location, PSHSDigitalAds.  Once uploaded, students will be able to visit the blog, watch each others print ad videos and leave comments for each other based on the scoring rubric provided by the teacher.

Here is a sample I created to demonstrate the process:

First, I made a print ad using Visualize,

I then imported the digital print ad into Explain Everything, narrated my decision making process and uploaded the video to YouTube directly from Explain Everything:

Classroom Applications:
Visualize is extremely easy to learn how to use and allows students to create detailed, unique and professional looking images.  I can imagine students in history, English, science and language classes using these two apps to create all sorts of narrated images related to their class.  The most intriguing aspect of this type of project is the process of explaining and justifying the decision making process using the screencasting app Explain Everything.

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