Sunday, April 29, 2012


Over the past eight years as a history teacher and tech-integration specialist for the Plymouth Public Schools I have had phenomenal experiences integrating technology into my classroom and have seen first hand the impact that effective tech integration can have on students and their learning experience.  From blogging to podcasting to video and most recently to all of the possibilities presented with iPads, I have become truly passionate about the endless possibilities that exist when effectively integrating technology into the classroom.  While teaching, I also developed an interest in presenting, training and speaking to educators about effective approaches, possibilities and frameworks for integrating technology.  These presentations started locally at MassCue at have grown to recently presenting at NCSS this past December.

My journey down this path has recently taken an exiting turn, as I will be joining EdTechTeacher ( full time in July.  This opportunity is an exiting step and perfectly in line with my passion and interest in developing thoughtful methods to integrate technology in the classroom.  EdTechTeacher is a diverse and leading organization in providing professional development opportunities to teachers.  From our summer workshop offerings at Harvard to the  professional development T21 program, to the annual Winter Conference and our groundbreaking work with iPad integration in schools, this is truly an exciting time to be with EdTechTeacher and in the field of technology integration.  Our goal at EdTechTeacher is to provide leadership, insight, hands-on-training and ongoing, sustained professional development for schools, districts and classroom teachers.

I made the decision to join EdTechTeacher and leave the classroom because in this position I truly believe that I can have a significant impact on the teaching and learning that is taking place in classrooms throughout the country.  I will now have the ability to take the experiences that I have had integrating technology and transfer that knowledge through workshops, professional development, conference presentation and writing to a broad spectrum of teachers, districts and administrators.  This is truly and exciting change and I am fortunate to be working with such a fantastic group at EdTechTeacher.   


  1. Congratulations on your new position. I have been enjoying reading your blog. I hope you will continue to share, with your online community, your experiences with EdTechTeacher.

  2. Congratulations, Greg. I know that you will do a great job working with others as you did with me. Your knowledge and patience will be tremendous assets for EdTechTeacher going forward. Good luck!!