Monday, May 20, 2013 X Evernote X Explain Everything X iPads is a new blogging platform that allows an Evernote Notebook to be turned into a blog. After a account and blog (1 per user at this point) is setup, users can pick from an existing Evernote Notebook or can use the notebook created by

Within each notebook, notes are by default kept private unless certain tags are added to each note.

To post an Evernote note to the blog, simply tag the note with "published".

To create a new page on the blog, tag an Evernote note with "page". The note that is published as a page can be edited in the future to update the page.

I think could become a viable blogging option for schools in 1:1 settings (iPad or laptop) where students are already using Evernote as a digital notebook platform. While Evernote notebooks can already be shared with a public link or directly to another Evernote user, allows Evernote users to fill a notebook with multiple notes, but can select which ones are published to the blog by tagging with "published."

When & Evernote are used in conjunction with Explain Everything, students now have the ability to publish blog posts through their existing Evernote account that can include customized images, graphics or posters. One of my favorite uses for Explain Everything is to create graphics by using the cropping image & text feature. Once the graphic is created, it can either be exported to the camera roll or uploaded directly to Evernote. Once the image is included in the Evernote note that is tagged with "published", the blog post will appear on the blog with the custom image. (If publishing directly from Explain Everything to Evernote, remember to go into the note and add the "published" tag word).

The image below was created using Explain Everything & demonstrates the ability to create and export to the camera roll from the Explain Everything app:


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