Monday, July 29, 2013

AppSmashing X Video

What happens when you mix:

1 Part Tellgagami
1 Part iMovie

A video #appsmash!

While recently coming home on the commuter rail from an EdTechTeacher iPad workshop, I experimented with an appsmashing scenario focused on video creation.

The process consists of the following:

1. Use Explain Everything to create RSA Animate style video where hand written text and drawings can be created and exported to the camera roll for later processing.

2. Use Tellagami to create avatar video where a student can be narrate any location, image or graphic with their customized avatar.  That video can also be sent to the camera roll for later use.

3. Use Tiltshift Video to process the video created in Explain Everything.  Tiltshift video will process video in a number of helpful ways, in this case it will be to speed up the video from Explain Everything.  The final processed video will be exported to the camera roll for later use.

4. Use iMovie to neatly stitch all of the parts together, do any fine editing and do voice-overs on the sped up footage created from Explain Everything.

The final product could look something like this:

Until our next #appsmash

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