Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Rockets Ships X Challenges X iPads...(or a Socrative Space Race)

Once of my favorite tools to use in the classroom with student iPads is a Socrative space race.  However, upon using this outstanding tool a number of times with students and in iPad workshops, I have settled on a very specific setup and structure for creating and running a space race activity.

Instead of asking questions that have a correct / incorrect answer, all questions are presented as challenges that must be completed by the group.  I take the group approach for two reasons:

1. There is a maximum of 10 rocket ships in a space race activity.
2. I want the students to work together to solve problems and collaborate on their final solution.

The structure of each question then moves away from a specific question with one correct answer to a model of:
Challenge 1:__________________
Then, fill in the blank with a specific group challenge or leave the challenge blank and have students get challenges from you on paper (more explained later).

The only solution presented for each challenge is: Challenge Complete!

For students to have successfully completed a challenge I have them call me over to the group, have me review their completed challenge and I then give them the okay to proceed to the next challenge.

Below is a screen shot of the structure of a challenge based space race activity.  Notice how the only option for each challenge is "complete.

As I mentioned earlier, another option is to leave the specifics out of the Socrative activity and use a completely generic challenge space race.  In this instance each question would simply be:
Question - Challenge 1
Answer Option - Complete

When I used this setup structure, each group would have to send a student to the front of the room to grab a challenge (printed out on paper).  This setup allows you to vary the difficulty of challenges for each group and allows you have each group working on different challenges at once.

The iPad in this setup becomes a response platform that pushes the group rocket ship forward.  What I like best about this setup is that the focus is on the discussion, collaboration and problem solving...not on iPads.

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  1. This is a great activity. Thanks for sharing! I definitely want to try this.

    I want to use Socrative Space Race as a response platform that simply pushes the rocket forward after the students have completed a challenge. How do I manually push the team's rocket forward? Does at least one person in the group need to be connected to Socrative for this to happen?

    According to this article, it seems like you have total control over when the rockets move. I tried doing this with my iphone, and I was only able to move 1 rocket (1 device). How would you manage to move the other rockets?