Saturday, November 2, 2013

Green Screen AppSmashing

The app smashing continues, this time with a new screen video! With the recent release of DoInk's Green Screen app, multi-track, layered green screen footage can now be created, smashed together and edited on an iPad. While the app was intended to capture green screen footage with actors in front of a chroma key backdrop, it is also possible to use video creation apps such as Explain Everything and Tellagami to capture a similar effect. Click here to watch a video tutorial that walks through the entire process.

Below is a screen shot of Explain Everything with a chroma key green background & the app smash logo (courtesy of @mrhooker). Simply press record, animate the object & export the final video to the camera roll for future use.

Along with Explain Everything, Tellagami allows the background to be manipulated behind the avatar. The image below shows how a blue screen background was used that will allow the Tellagami avatar footage to be used in conjunction with DoInk. When done recording, export to the camera roll for future use.

Once all of the green/blue screen footage is created, up to three video tracks can be layered in DoInk. The top video track is the most forward track, the other two are layered behind, the bottom track is the background footage.

When the tracks are aligned, trimmed and the green screen color is adjusted for color and sensitivity for each track, the final product can be previewed, recorded and exported to the camera roll. From there the multi-track green screen footage can be included in a project being edited in iMovie.

Video Tutorial:

Green Screen AppSmashing from Greg Kulowiec on Vimeo.


  1. Thanks for the info! I love your video tutorial! I've got to try this with my classes sometime. Do you have to use iMovie afterwards to edit? Or can doink do it all for you?

    1. I would do all final production in iMovie.

  2. Thanks! This is great! What is the reason why you wanted to have the app smash logo moving around? That part I did not quite get...thanks! it's great!

  3. Sue,

    No particular reason...just exploring.