Monday, February 17, 2014

Explain Everything X Google Drive = Video Feedback

Video feedback has been an interest of mine for quite sometime. I learned about the process years ago from Derek Bruff, and began using the feedback method on my student's blogs. The process was tedious. I would screencast me providing feedback on their blog posts, would publish the screencast to the web and would paste the link as a comment on the blog. The feedback from the students was that the video feedback was extremely helpful, yet the process was beyond time consuming.
I have previously written about providing video feedback by using a handful of iPad apps, but with the recent update to Google Drive, the process is even easier and only requires two apps: Google Drive and Explain Everything.

The diagram below outlines the entire process. The only requirement outside of the visual below is that the student and teacher havea folder that both parties have access to that has been created ahead of time. My process was to have the student create and share a folder early in the school year that can be used as a turn-in location. One helpful tip as a teacher is to move the student created and shared folder from "shared with me" to "my drive" in order to upload the Explain Everything content directly from the app to the shared Google Drive folder, as Explain Everything will only "see" folders in "my drive".

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  1. Always appreciate the way others organize themselves and sharing how that works for you. This is definitely a more efficient way of working, especially as busy teachers but also more personal for students, encouraging learning. Thanks for sharing.