Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Class eBook X iPad X Creative Book Builder

In a recent workshop with an outstanding group of teacher from the Acalanes School District where we were exploring collaborative capabilities with iPads, we worked through a process of created a collaborative eBook with Creative Book Builder and Google Drive.

The challenge at the end of the workshop was to have everyone create a short chapter for our collaborative eBook where they would archive one way in which they have either used, would like to use or are planning to use iPads with their students.

Everyone had to create three elements for their contribution:
1. Text explanation of their idea
2. Image / Graphic to explain the idea
3. Video / screencast to further explain their concept

The process is outlined below

Google Form - I collected everyone's Google Drive address with a Google form.  I typically employed this process as a classroom teacher early on in the school year as to have all of my student's address on one spreadsheet all year.

Google Drive Folder - I then created a Collaborative Book folder in Google Drive and shared it with everyone in the workshop with editing status.

Creative Book Builder - Participants created their mini-eBooks in Creative Book Builder and exported their ePub file to Google Drive.  Once uploaded to Drive, everyone moved their contribution to the collaborative Drive folder.

Creating a Collaborative eBook - One by one, everyone can download the ePub files to their iPads from Google Drive to Creative Book Builder.  Once all of the chapters are downloaded to Creative Book Builder, there is an option to select the books and merge them into one file within the app.

Exporting to Google Drive

Merging in Creative Book Builder

iBookstore - The final process would be to publish the ePub file for others to read.  There are a number of options here that include Google Drive, Dropbox, Box and even the iBookstore through iTunes Producer.

Classroom Implications: The same process outlined above could be used in the classroom to have students create collaborative unit eBooks, course review books or MGPs (Massive Group that even a term?)
If $ is a concern for purchasing apps.  Students could always use the free version of Book Creator to make their chapter (be sure to have everyone create in the same aspect ration) and the teacher could download and merge with the paid version of Book Creator.

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