Thursday, September 11, 2014

DoInk X Explain Everything = Video Writing App-Hack

I was in a layover last night in Cincinnati...what else would one do in that situation but shoot some video using Hyperlapse while walking through a terminal.  As I often do in my spare time, I wanted to figure out yet another way to use Explain Everything and DoInk to add a layer to the Hyperlapse video.

While the app-smashing term seems well known and understood by teachers and students exploring creative uses of iPads in the classroom, I think I may have stumbled upon another idea, App-Hacking.  I am no hacker and will readily admit that the term may be a bit misleading, no worries.

App-Hacking: Finding uses for apps or combinations of apps to use them in ways that they were not originally intended.

My first app-hack: Layered Green Screen Writing

An the final product...

I don't intend for this to be a daily process or even to be considered a terribly thoughtful idea for iPad use.  I can see students that are experienced with video creation on an iPad to add this sort of customized layer to their videos.  Ultimately, I think these sorts of experiments are more about thinking creatively and pushing the limits of what is possible with any particular tool.  Consider it a sort of experiment in creativity.

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  1. I am with you on this. I recently used the new post it plus app with EE just for fun and play. This play will work its way out into other products if it gets the chance. Thanks for this. I really do like what you have done.