Thursday, October 2, 2014

Developing an Idea on Twitter X Bringing Images to Life with iPads

Please see the update to this post below...

It started with an innocent enough tweet from @PutmanLauren

The ideas was to have students create art in a similar style as the Animated Greek Vases video...and the process of developing and hashing out an idea on twitter had begun.  Lauren and I went back and forth with variations on an approach that would allow students to use iPads to bring old images, paintings and photographs to life.  While I think the final concept is a valuable one that can be used in a number of classrooms, what I find more helpful is the process of collaborating with someone via social media to develop an idea. 

The process of developing this idea progressed through a number of stage and back and forth tweets:

Along the way, we were also creating small examples of the concept that could eventually be used in the classroom by students to bring old images of photographs to life:

Version 1: My idea of using Explain Everything to crop out and enlarge heads that could be moved slightly when students want to narrate and bring a character to life. (Note - no audio)

Version 2: Lauren's version using ChatterPix to have the mouth of each character from the image move while being narrated. (Note - no audio)

Version 3: My version using a combination of Explain Everything to enlarge the heads, and ChatterPix to create the mouth animation during narration. (Note - no audio)

Here is a quick guide I created to make this sort of video.  Again, while the I find the technical process and the final product to have great potential in the classroom, it was the back and forth interaction, the hashing out of an idea and the process of creating a new concept that demonstrates the potential of using social media to develop and grow a small seed of an idea...

Update: I enjoy working through technical process like the one described above for a few reasons.  I enjoy what I consider to be problem solving with the purpose of allowing for another layer of creativity and creation.  However, I know that the ultimate purpose of the sort of activity outlined in this blog post is not the ultimate purpose or goal.  Ultimately, the most critical aspect of this sort of work is to provide or work with students to create challenging questions and have them develop the ability to both answer the questions and develop new ones while working through the process.  It was thanks to a recent blog post by Rafranz Davis that I added this update and because of her post I will do two things:

1. Continue to create and share these sorts of concepts online, a place where they are best shared.  Anyone can find, modify, use and build off of the ideas.  Ultimately I hope that once the technical concept is out of the way, the real discussion begins.  A discussion about student thinking, problem solving and problem creating.

2. I will make an effort to add an element to my blog posts that typically focus on technical processes, with a discussion about how the process outlined can play a beneficial role in developing students that can address questions, express understanding of complex ideas and create models to demonstrate their thinking.  Ultimately with the goal to have them consider and develop more complex questions.  
Thanks Rafranz

This #appsmashing concept and many more will be explored at my EdTechTeacher iPad Summit pre-conference workshop in Boston this November! Join me for a full day of hands on exploration of multimedia creation with iPads. 

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