Monday, December 1, 2014

Touchcast vs. Explain Everything

I've been meaning to explore Touchcast for some time and finally found a few minutes the other day to create a short test project.

The video below was created by first capturing video on an iPad of me discussing the upcoming iPad Summit in San Diego, CA.  With the video on the camera roll, I was able to import it into Touchcast and add their "vApps" that essentially act as small pop ups that can be timed to appear at any point as layers on top of the original footage.

I found the interface to be relatively intuitive and easy to create with.  However, there is one significant limitation at this point to Touchcast with regards to publishing.  When one is done creating, the final product is published to a Touchcast channel that limits total video upload storage to 60 minutes.  While I find the tool to be powerful, this is a major concern and I wanted to find out if there was another way to create this sort of video without any upload restrictions and ideally, with the ability to export to the camera roll for complete ownership and control over the final destination.

Below is the Touchcast version...

Based on my desire to figure out an alternative approach that would allow for:
- Export to camera roll
- Multiple Publishing Options
- No Sign in Required

I begin experimenting with Explain Everything and the ability to import existing video and record / annotate on top of the video while screencasting.

The process tool just a few attempts to figure out, but ultimately I found it easier to create than Touchcast.  (Full disclosure - I use Explain Everything way to often).

The process in Explain Everything:
1. Import the existing video, resize and lock into place

2. Record the screen and play the video.  This create the baseline video that you will use to then layer additional pop-up elements which will act in a similar fashion to the Touchcast vApps.

3. When you are ready to add layered, pop-up elements, switch the recording feature to blend new recordings with existing recordings.  This can be done by tapping the small arrow icon next to the timer and switching it to the mixed arrow icon.

4. Scroll the time slider to the point where you want the pop-up to appear, add the image from the camera roll and press record.  The embedded video should play back while you can move and manipulate the layered image.

5. Stop the recording, scroll to the next scene and repeat step 4.

6. Export to the camera roll, YouTube or Vimeo

Explain Everything version:


  1. I like Touchcast, however note their policy doesn't allow under 13: "the Service is not intended for children under 13. If you are under 13 years of age, then please do not use the Service."