Friday, December 12, 2014

Student Videos X YouTube Creator Studio = CYOA Video Projects

As I wrote about in a previous post, there are two solutions to publish student video to a class YouTube channel to get their content off of their devices and shared with the world.  While the ultimate purpose of these solutions is to publish student work, there is an ulterior motive as well...linking videos together into bigger class video projects.

I wrote a few years ago about creating Choose Your Own Adventure videos and the technical process involved in creating these sorts of videos.  With the emergence of tablets and particularly iPads in the classroom, the ability for students to create video has grown exponentially as in many situations every student now has an iPad and a mobile video creation device as their disposal.

When we combine the ability for students to create video, share via Google Drive and publish directly to a class YouTube channel, the capacity to create CYOA videos also grows.

The Process:

Step 1: Students create video content (iMovie, Explain Everything, Tellagami, etc...)

Step 2: Students upload video to a Google Drive folder shared with their teacher.

Step 3: Teacher uploads video to a class YouTube channel via YouTube Capture on an iPad

Step 4: Link student videos together with the Annotation tool in the YouTube Creator Studio.

NOTE - the linking process has to be completed on a computer.

While there are a few technical hurdles to overcome with this process, the final product can be a powerful collaborative video project that either includes the entire class or a small group of students that have all created & uploaded their videos.

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