Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Google Slides X ThingLink = Chromebook Creation

It has been well documented across the interwebs by #edtech folks that ThingLink is an outstanding web tool (and iOS app) that can act as both a teacher tool and a student creation platform.  While the standard use of the tool calls for the user to upload one image to then layer multimedia tags to share more in depth information, links or videos, when combined with Google Slides, ThingLink becomes an even more powerful tool.

What is best about the Google Slides & ThingLink combination is that it works on Chromebooks!.

The process:

1. Create a poster or collage on slide 1 of a Google Slides presentation & download the slide as an image file to your Chromebook's local storage.

2. Upload the image to ThingLink & add multimedia Tags.

  3. Publish & share with a link or embed on a website or blog.

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