Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Thought Bubble AppSmashing

I was in a workshop yesterday at Lower Canada College and was discussing the possibility of using iPads in with a performing arts teacher.  Her concept was to have students capture a performance with their iPads, but have them layer thought bubbles above the actors to share their inner thoughts or feelings...

The process:

1. Find a green screen image and a thought bubble image as a PNG (google search) and save them image to the camera roll.   Insert both images into Explain Everything, add text to the thought bubble & press record.  Record the screen for as long as you would like it to appear on your video.

2. Insert the green screen video from Explain Everything into Green Screen by DoInk on the top layer.  Add your original video to the second layer and then select the green screen footage & pinch the video to adjust the location of the thought bubble.  Export to the camera roll for use in iMovie or to upload and share.

The final product...

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