Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Green Screen iPad Experiments with DoInk

In a recent iPad workshop a small group of teachers were exploring the capacity to create green screen video with an iPad  using DoInk Green Screen.

With a few recent updates to DoInk, including cropping video & moving the location of the video within the DoInk editor, the creative potential of this tool is now quite powerful.  Here are a few experiments that I was testing out to push the creative potential of the iPad with DoInk...

Experiment 1: Green Screen the face from a photo / picture:

1. I imported the image below into Explain Everything & green screened out the face of the Vitruvian Man.  Export the image to the camera roll.

2. Import the image as the top layer in Green Screen by DoInk & add a video clip in the second layer.  Resize and move the video clip until ones head appears in the place of the green screen.  Export the final video to the camera roll. 

Experiment 2: Green Screen out an image to reveal a video

1. Find an image as a silhouette where the main image in the picture is one solid color.  Import the picture into Photoshop Touch and replace the one solid color with a green screen color.

 2. Layer the green screen image on the top track in DoInk & add the video track in the second layer.  Resize as needed & export to the camera roll.

Experiment 3: Duplicate Yourself & Argue an Idea

1. Shoot two (or more) video clips of yourself discussing an idea in front of a green screen.  It may work best to shoot the first video (leaving time for yourself to respond) and then shoot the second video with the timing from the first video in place (wait time & response time).

2. Layer each video in DoInk & resize and move as needed to have the two videos of yourself side by side.  A background image can be added on the third track.

Why bother? Whether any of these approaches are useful or applicable in the classroom is a critical question to ask.  Are they useful in every situation...absolutely not.  However, there could be specific instances where a student could use one of these techniques to enhance their story and add some creative flexibility to their final product.  I simply enjoy figuring out what is possible and continually pushing the capacity of the device and truly open and creative tools like DoInk.


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