Thursday, April 16, 2015

Hacking Evernote on iPads

I am an avid Evernote user (iPad, iPhone, Mac, Chromebook...)

I especially enjoy using the platform on my iPad.  That being said, the only glaring drawback at this point is that one can't draw directly in a note as if they were using Notability or any other digital paper tool.

Time for an Evernote on iPad Hack!

1. Google search "white square"

2. Save the image to your camera roll (tap and hold)

3. Insert the white square into a note & tap on the note to begin free hand annotations.

4. Use the editing tools to draw directly on the blank white sheet within a note.

5. Save & close the white document & repeat the process as needed.

NOTE: Add an image of paper as well to simulate digital paper & free writing 

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