Friday, April 10, 2015

Video Portfolios with YouTube

YouTube recently released an update to the YouTube Creator Studio, Cards.  Cards are somewhat similar to the existing Annotation feature in the Creator Studio which allows users to add text and clickable "hotspots" on their video that can direct a viewer to another YouTube video.  Cards differ in their appearance and impact on the viewing experience.  While Spotlight annotations would appear directly on top of the video, Cards appear as a small pop-up in the right hand corner of the video with a call to action created by the owner of the content.  Also, at any point while viewing, all of the cards can be revealed, allowing the viewer to click at any point on any of the linked, associated content.

Role in the classroom:  I can see YouTube Cards being used to have students create video portfolios or a video resume.  Throughout a course or entire year, students can create video content and upload to their YouTube channel.  At the end of the course, students can then create a recap video that briefly mentions each of the ideas that they explained and captured throughout the year.  The videos that were created throughout the year would then be added as Cards to the recap video.

Teachers can also take advantage of Cards by creating an overview video of a concept and adding Cards to existing video content on YouTube that would help their students explore, understand or review a concept.

Technical Process:

1. Access the YouTube Creator Studio and choose Cards when editing an existing video.

2. Add either Video or Associated Website Cards.

NOTE: If adding a link to an associated website, the website must be added to the Advanced details of one's YouTube channel first.  Once the website is added, any link from the associated website or 
blog can be added as a card to a video.

3. Select the timing for each card to appear in the master video.

4. View the final product and multiple student videos will now be clickable at designated spots throughout the video.

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