Sunday, May 3, 2009

It's Photosynth Time!

At the suggestion of my brilliant colleague Nancy, I am posting about Photosynth. Here is the TED Talks Video explaining the capabilities of the program.

In short, photosynth allows anyone to take photographs of an object/person/subject from varying angles and "photosynth" them. The pictures are blended together and can be explored to allow an almost three dimensional viewing of the subject (the more photos provide the better.) Best of all...Photosynth is free and provides 20GB of storage if created synths are "public."

Of course, when photosynth is used in conjunction with the wiimote whiteboard the presentation "wow" factor grows exponentially, especially in front of a classroom full of students.

Here is a sample of what photosynth looks like, this one of the Terra Cotta Warriors.

Applications for photosynth in the classroom:

1. Explore photosynths of material that is being covered in the class to give students a 3D view of the physical location being studied.

2. Have students create original photosynths of: student projects, sculptures, science lab experiments, the school, their classroom...whatever they can imagine.

Here is a short video showing photosynth being used with a wiimote smartboard.

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