Friday, May 22, 2009

LCD Projector & Computer X 2

Just had an idea...two computers, hooked up to two lcd projectors in one classroom.

The Process
1. Project a lecture (possibly from ) or a movie from on one LCD.

2. Project a Word Doc on the other LCD with a large font (24 worked well).

3. Have the students step up to the Word Doc computer in order, quickly take a seat and type out the first idea from the other lecture/movie that they believe worthy of recording.

4. When they are done, they quickly get up and the next student takes a seat.

Once the class is done, convert the word doc. to a pdf file and upload it to Then, embed the pdf from scribd on a blog / website, have the students go back to review the group created notes and write a reflection on both the process and the material covered.

Here is the film from class with a short introduction about the setup.

Here are the "Group Notes" created from this activity:

Civil War, Lincoln & Emancipation

Some reflections on this activity:

1. I will definately provide a vocab/key terms list next to the word document computer, so students can find difficult names / events to spell correctly.

2. During the last few minutes of class I asked the students to write their thoughts about the structure of class...their responses.

Positive Feedback:
"it made you pay attention"
"it kept me engaged and focused"
"keeps you paying attention"
"I really like this, it makes you pay attention to detail"
"I paid closer attention because I wanted to have something to write when I got up there."
"It made it so even if you missed something, someone else might get it."
"It was better than taking individual notes, higher quality information was collected."
"I believe it is a good idea because kids can get an idea of what others think. However, some notes were not necessary / not elaborated on enough."
"I think it was a good idea because we can all get our ideas down and see how others interpret different things."
"I think this was a great way to use notes and everyone was involved."

Negative Feedback:
"It was alright, some people missed key points that I would have written and I felt more focused on peoples comments than on the lecture."
"This new system of notes was okay. Sort of hard to pay attention to everything on the speech, but not unbeneficial."

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