Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Wiimote X Jarnal X Scribbed

I have been trying to find different applications for the wiimote smartboard...the answer, Jarnal (a free Java based PDF Annotator) and Scribd.

The basic idea of Jarnal: Take notes, sketch, import pdf files and pictures, while using your wiimote smartboard of course.

Classroom Application: Hand out a pdf document (primary source reading, map, worksheet...) and project the pdf document. By using Jarnal (and the multiple writing tools it provides) you can make annotations on the pdf document. This is extremely powerful when reading a primary source, while reading the document the students can see how and what you underline, circle and note on the document (while it is projected). When you are done working, the document can be exported as a pdf with your new annotations.

When Jarnal is combined with Scribd it becomes even more powerful. Once the new annotated pdf is saved, it can be uploaded to Scribd and then embedded in a blog or website. The BIG idea here is that students can see how you work, not just the final process.

Here is an example:

1. Worksheet the class recieved:
Assessing Responsibility for Holocaust

2. Completed assignment with new annotations:
Complete Holocaust Worksheet.pdf.2009_05!12!19!53!05

Here is a video of how you can use Jarnal in the classroom.

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  1. Hi Greg,

    Great help - thanks!

    How are you using the screen as an interactive whiteboard?