Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Glogster Time!

Here is the beginning of a glog I'm creating about Lincoln (still a work in progress). What is Glogster? It gives students and teachers the ability to create interactive posters online with text, video & hyperlinks. Teachers get free accounts with premade student accounts for easy collaboration.
Classroom Applications:
1. Create a glogster when you are going to be out of the classroom. A substitute could easily project the website, and make their way through the poster. And with the ability to embed video & websites directly into the page, the students can go through a truly interactive lesson without you even being there.
2. Student projects: This is somewhat straight forward. Students can create multimedia presentations...the advantage to using is that when a teacher signs up for an education account, they are automatically given the option of having up to 200 pre-made student accounts with login and passwords. When the teacher logs in, they automatically are linked to the student accounts.
3. History Specific Application - Virtual Timeline: Forget two-dimensional timelines on paper. Students can create multimedia, interactive timelines with hyperlinks, embedded video and comments for everyevent.

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