Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Twitter X TweetDeck

To expand on a previous post on using twitter in the classroom...I have a new idea to allow for a number of different "types" of responses that students could simultaneously post.

Here is what I mean:
Using tweetdeck, click on the "twitter search" option at the top of the page, it looks like a magnifying glass. Type the term that you want to search for. This is where you can tell the students what terms they should be using for their different types of responses.

For example:
If they have questions, they could type: kulowiecquestion (my last name & question) before the question, this would make their question pop up under the tweetdeck column that is searching for kulowiecquestion.

If they have a comment to make: kulowieccomment...would pop up under the next column...and so on.

In the picture below, you can see the different "twitter searches" I entered in tweetdeck, they are underlined in red.

One possible problem that you might run into is exceeding your rate limit API. This is basically the amount of information that a third party application can pull from twitter in any given hour. On TweetDeck if you exceed your hourly API limit (150) the application will not operate until the hour has clearned. You can track your API usage in the top right hand corner of TweetDeck.

Here are some additional resources for TweetDeck:
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