Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Twitter Experiment #1 Continued...with Tweetdoc

So the first twitter experiment of the year is done, and I would consider it a success.  I actually heard a few students talking in class about when they would be able to twitter again for class.

My long term plan is to use a new hashtag, in sequential order, for each new topic we discuss through twitter.  I plan on keeping track of the topic and hashtag to allow students to search a topic at any point throughout the year (before tests, quizzes or the final exam).  Then I started reading about a time restraint with regards to searching twitter and realized that I need to save the searches to be able to access them at a later point.

Tweetdoc is the solution.  With a very simple layout and quick turn around time, any search term is turned into a pdf document that can be saved for future use.

Here is a look at the finished product created by tweetdoc
Bacon's Rebellion #Mrkulo

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