Saturday, September 12, 2009

Twitter Experiment X Idea Number 3

In an attempt to find new ways to use twitter with my 10th grade U.S. History class I am going to try a new idea next week.

Overview of the Idea: Have students engage in a back-channel discussion through twitter, with a specified hashtag.  Students will comment on a video / lecture / podcast that is being presented with an LCD projector.  While logged into twitter, everyone can have a constant search in process for the designated hashtag to see what their classmates are thinking.  Also, a second LCD projector can be set up, displaying the search results for the hashtag discussion.  Once class is over, I will pull the discussion together into one pdf file using Tweetdoc, upload the pdf to Scribd, and then embed the pdf on my homework blog.  The homework assignment for the activity will be to have students visit my homework blog, reread the transcript of the discussion and write a blog entry (all of my 10th graders have set up blogs), a reflection on the lecture.  But instead of focusing on their own thoughts, the reflection must be an analysis of the rest of the comments left by their classmates while participating in the discussion.

Helpful Ideas: I like to use lectures from AcademicEarth and ItunesU.  I think I would also assign a specified minimum number of comments, types of comments (questions, thoughts, facts) and @messages to encourage interaction within the discussion.

I'm going to give it a try this week...I'll post the pdf of the discussion and highlights of the blog entries next week.  Come back and check out the results.

The twitter experiment continues...

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