Monday, October 19, 2009

Edmodo X Google Docs

I have been using Edmodo for a few weeks (after a disastrous attempt at using twitter) and the feedback has been nothing but positive, there have been no technical issues and I just like the layout of the platform.

My U.S. History I Honors students are going to be writing papers, using Google Docs, about the causes and responsibility of the American Revolution.  I have been using Google Docs for a few years, but always found it time consuming because I would look through all of the student documents when they were writing.  By adding Edmodo to the equation, students can now ask for help, ask me to look at their document, post questions to the class and collaborate via a backchannel discussion with the entire class, while they are writing their paper.  I can't wait to see the discussion and  results.

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  1. Question: Do the students all sign up using their private emails into google docs? and then share the link to get to those docs in EDMODO?