Monday, February 15, 2010

Writeboard X Group Paper on the Cotton Gin

The experiment continues...and I won't stop until my students are completely comfortable with the "computer stuff" I throw at them. On a completely unrelated note, we haven't used Edmodo in quite a while and a large group of students have turned the word into a verb and have been pestering me with, "Mr. Kulowiec, are we edmodoing today?" I consider it progress.

Onto Writeboard. I posted earlier about my first attempt with using Writeboard to have students write group papers. Last week everyone had to write a blog entry about the impact of the cotton gin. I gave them a number of web based resources ( and they were off to write.  On the Thursday before vacation I introduced the class to writeboard, broke them into 3 groups of 4/5 students, set up the boards ahead of time for them and informed them that the group paper was due by the end of February break.  Of course there was a little complaining, and apparently there is no internet connection available at Disney World.  I have been checking in periodically and the results have been positive.  It is interesting to see who takes over the group, who follows and who doesn't get involved.  What I was hoping to see, was a collaborative effort, where students would share the beginning of an idea and have it finished or developed by someone else in the group.  I'll post the results later.

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