Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Results from PD Feedback in Duxbury, MA

Here are the results from the feedback form that was completed by 21 educators in Duxbury, MA.  The results are based on a presentation about 21st Century Learning & Teaching that I presented and follow up training sessions on blogging, voicethread & cellphones (my session)  I was particularly interested in the results from the first and last question...

How would you rate your level of web 2.0 integration?
High Level: 3
Above avg: 5
Average: 7
Below avg: 5
No Integration: 1

How would you rate the speaker & presentation?
Outstanding: 12
Above Average: 8
Average: 0
Below Average: 1

The ideas presented were:
Inspirational: 6
Motivational: 11
Helpful: 4
Not Helpful: 1

What web 2.0 tools would you like to learn more about?
Blogging: 6
Websites: 5
Podcasting: 1
Cell Phones: 3
Collaborative Writing: 2
Nings: 2
All: 1

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