Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Google Motion Graph Test

Here is a data set that I entered into a google spreadsheet. Once the data was entered (Number of core classes failed, years, number of students), the data was highlighted and inserted into the google gadget "Motion Graph". The data can then be visually interpreted and viewed over time. Just click on the x axis variable and change it to time to view the information over the span of data entered. It is also helpful to change the graph to have a different color for each group, as well as changing the size of the bubble to reflect the size of the population (both can be on the right hand side of the graph.) The data I entered is freshman end of year failures for the four core classes (english, math, history, science) and it is then broken down (failed 4, failed 3, failed 2 and failed 1). The goal of the analysis is to determine if the PSHS Freshman Academy model (which has been used since 2005-2006) is having a positive impact on freshman failure rates of the four core academic classes used in our team model. The data set is incomplete, as I am still gathering information, but so far I like the layout of the Motion Graph.

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