Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Summer X 30 Goals Challenge

The school year ended yesterday and about a week ago I wasn't exactly sure what I wanted to do with my summer (or should I say the free 2/3 weeks in my schedule).  I noticed a tweet by Shelly Terrell about her concept for a summer 30 Goals Challenge and knew right away that I had to begin my 30 day journey to become a better educator, co-worker and learner.

Day 1 = Goal #12 "Reach Out" Accomplishing this goal actually started a few weeks ago when it was finally confirmed that I was going to be attending BLC10.  Thanks to my PLN, I noticed a retweet about EduBloggerCon East 2010 that would be taking place on the Monday before the conference in the Park Plaza.  I had heard of "unconferences" and was slightly jealous of blog posts and tweets from fellow educators that had been attending various conferences around the country, now it would be my turn.  Then I came across Shelly's summer challenge and realized that attending by myself would contribute to the change I hope to see in my school and education.  I decided to reach out.  First, a fellow History teacher (4th yr.) who is eager to learn and wants to be exposed to new ideas in education.  Then, a first year English teacher who inspired me in her first year with innovative projects (filming Macbeth w/green screens) and energy.  I admit, those two were easy sells and I approached them because I see them as agents for change and desire for change.  I look forward to July 12th, when we head to Boston together, learn and grow as educators and friends...

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  1. That is incredible! It's just taking that first step and going with it! The great thing is you involved others and by collaborating together you have already begun spinning the wheels of change at your school! Congratulations for beginning the conversation and making that move! Can't wait to read about your journey!