Thursday, July 8, 2010

Prezi X Note Taking

While recently sitting in on a presentation made by Justin Reich (Co-Director of EdTechTeacher) about classroom management and assessment in a web2.0 integrated classroom, I quickly logged into my prezi account, opened a blank canvas and started taking notes on his talk.

I have used prezi in the past as conference presentations (the learning curve is steep, but worth the effort) I had never considered using it as a note taking / discussion recording tool. As Justin's presentation continued, I found it easier and easier to keep up with his ideas, connections, listener questions and insights.

Here is what I ended up with:

Some concluding thougths:
There are limitations with using prezi as a primary note taking device.
1. An internet connection is required.
2. Storage within a free prezi account is limited
3. Presentations must be downloaded and stored offline to free up storage space.

There are also some quickly recognized benefits:
1. Notes become intuitive. Lecturers, presenters, films & presentations do not always share their information or message in a linear format. Prezi allows the note taker to think and receive the information in a non-linear format.
2. A "path" can be created after the presentation. This might benefit students, as they would be forced to review & rethink the information that they were just exposed to and then make connections to content or message that they might not have realized.


  1. Another benefit is that once students have created their own paths in Prezi they can see the thinking process of others and how they made connections in their notes. It could be a jumping off point for a class debate as to which connections are stronger or weaker. It would certainly help weaker students find other ways to organize their thoughts.

    Another thing I love about Prezi is the scalability of everything. You can have students go from large ideas to small, main ideas to supporting ideas.

    Again thanks for your post. I really enjoyed it.

  2. Yet another benefit is that it's easy to embed images in Prezi, ones that evoke the points made by the speaker. I now use Compfight to search Flickr for Creative Commons images I can use for this purpose. I find that locating a good image helps me process the point being made and the images serve as quick reminders of those points down the road.