Tuesday, July 13, 2010

sschat = success

Our first #sschat is over, and with the help of a number of very enthusiastic social studies teachers across the country, we were able to share, learn, collaborate and grow in just one hour!  (6-7pm est.)

Since I've never organized or tried to manage a #discussion before, I'm trying to figure out how to sort through and figure out exactly what we discussed...and after some searching, I came across two #hashtag organizers that provided some great data on the discussion.

Here is the link to The Archivist analysis of #sschat, and here is the link to the What the Hashtag analysis.

After looking through the data, I have to give a special thanks to:

Without their active participation, #sschat wouldn't have been a success.

Here is a brief summary of what we all came away with from the discussion.

- Voicethread: Upload a primary source document & have students comment / doodle to demonstrate their understanding of the document.
- Worlde: Turn a document, speech or reading into a word cloud.  Have students analyze the document visually before reading & then compare the visual analysis to reading the document. (thanks to @Agins213)
- Great set of voicethread resources. (thanks to @cybraryman1)
- Create historical figure facebook pages (thanks to @kyteacher)
- Students tweet as historical figures & recreate an event (thanks to @woodenmask)
- The American Objects Project ( thanks to @woodenmask)
- Google Voice as an oral homework assignment tool & cellphone to mp3 creator
- Project Based Learning Resources (thanks to @cybraryman1)
- Ancient Civilizations Resources (thanks to @cybraryman1)
- You are here podcast resources (thanks to @classroomtools)
- Doc of the Day: National Archives (thanks to @ellsbeth)
- Edmodo for backchannel discussions
- Polleverywhere: Cell phones as classroom clickers
- Social Studies Research Resources (thanks to @findingdulcinea)

Thanks again to everyone who participated.  We look forward to growing #sschat, and keeping the weekly discussion lively and engaging.  Please let me know of any topic or idea you would like to discuss in the next #sschat, @gregkulowiec.

Next Monday @ 6pm est!


  1. Thanks for organizing this. If you ever want help with a summery, let me know (@stephenlazarotc)

  2. Edmodo is more than just a backchannel chat :) It's also a great place to post resources, assignments, polls, and anything else you want to share and engage online with your students.


  3. Thanks for all the resources!

    I'm dying to try Facebook pages for historical figures with my students. Do you know of any websites that allow you to create a profile for a fictional character, or that don't require a confirmation email address? Would Edmodo allow students to create a secondary profile?