Wednesday, January 12, 2011

No Textbook 2011 X Adam Smith

In a continued attempt to not use the textbook with my 9th Grade World Studies class, I used these two great resources today to cover the concepts presented by Adam Smith.

First with started with a great interactive to help students understand the concepts of supply and demand. This works particularly well when used in conjunction with an interactive white board.

Then, we examined a primary source document:

I have been avoiding the textbook all year, primarily because I want my students to read and be exposed to the original ideas in the primary source documents that are often simplified and glossed over in the text.  Although the primary sources can be mor challenging to read and take longer to get through than the text, I have been pleased with the response by my students.  I'm starting to get the sense that my students recognize that the textbook often doesn't provide the depth and insight that the actual documents can provide.

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